Number 041
Type Bug / Poison
Subspecies Beedrill + Aipom
Abilities Run Away

Beepom is a bug/poison type Pokémon Fusion of Beedrill and Aipom. The Aipom originally belonged to a little boy in Fucshia City however Team Magma stole it from him fusing it with Beedrill. After Team Magma and Aqua's defeat in the Safari Zone, the player attempts to give it back to the boy who rejects it claiming that it's not his Pokémon. Afterwards you are free to keep it.

Game DataEdit

Pokédex Info Edit

Poison Tail Pokemon

HT 3'03"

WT 90.4 lbs

Pokédex EntryEdit

"It's delighted by its new flying abilities. The hardest part of training it is keeping it in one place."


  • Fuschia City (after defeating Team Magma/Aqua in the Safari Zone)

Base Stats Edit

HP 60
Attack 80
Defense 47
Special Attack 42
Special Defense 67
Speed 80
Base Stat Total 376


Move Level
Tickle Start
Rage Start
Pursuit Start
Fury Swipes Start