Number F003
Type Fire
Subspecies Charmeleon + Eevee
Abilities Blaze, Runaway

Charvee is a Fire-type Pokémon Fusion. It is a fusion of Charmeleon and Eevee.

It evolves into Chareon at Level 36.

Charvee can be obtained if the player chose Charmander as a starter by evolving it and then fusing Charmeleon with Bill's Eevee upon meeting him at Sea Cottage.

Rival's CharveeEdit

If the player's Rival, Brendan or May, chooses Charmander as his or her starter, he or she will fuse it into Charvee, presumably with Bill's help. He/she will first use it when encountered on Route 6. When encountered in Pallet Town, it's evolved into Chareon.

Other CharveeEdit

A Team Magma grunt under Lavender Town will use a Charvee they created with the stolen fusion machine (or possibly with the duplicate).

A trader named Chester in Ecruteak City will trade the player a Charvee in exchange for a Typhlosion if the player does not own one already.

Game DataEdit

Pokédex EntryEdit

"It must be careful not to set its thick fur on fire with its tail."


  • Sea Cottage (Fuse Charmeleon with Eevee)
  • Ecruteak City (Trade for Typhlosion)

Base StatsEdit

HP 56
Attack 100
Defense 54
Speed 67
Special Attack 62
Special Defense