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Johto Pt 1: Home AgainEdit

Fusion Generation II begins with Professor Elm finally getting his moment to shine. Sort of. After your chat with him you find yourself in your room. Head downstairs and you will be not in your living room but a strange white void. Head up and you will encounter a familiar silhouette. Keep walking up until the prologue concludes and you wake up in your room for real.

Go downstairs into the real world this time. After the scene walk outside and approach your counterpart. You'll receive their number, the Exp Share, and their blessing to begin a new adventure. Turn on the Exp Share from the key items pocket in your bag.

Go back to your house and talk to your mother, then visit Elm at his lab. Once you've talked to him and received some goodies, it's time to head west to Cherrygrove City.

Once you arrive you'll be greeted by the Guide Gent. You'll find your old rival and Giovanni in a heated exchange. The Guide Gent will ask you his name. Once the scene ends, you'll have your last chance to explore Cherrygrove for a bit. Picking up an antidote or two and maybe some potions at the mart might be a good idea. Again, you won't have access to a mart until you're done with the next part. When you're ready, follow Silver (or whatever you named him) north. Take the spot next to Dawn and she will introduce herself. Then things get a little crazy.

Eventually, Bill will give you the chance to pick your starter - and it's a Fusion! Pick up your Chikovee, Cyndavee, or Totovee, then follow the others outside.

Splicen Island Pt 1: Welcome to the JungleEdit

You've arrived at Splicen Island. After a brief exchange, follow the gang east to the jungle. You do have the option to train against wild Fusions in the grass before your first Trainer battle, but note that there is nowhere to heal yet. If you run out of HP you'll drop some cash and go back to Bill's cottage. So if you don't have potions handy, maybe avoid the grass.

After the Forbidden Jungle scene, return to the beach. There's not much else you can do here as it is pointed out there are trees in the way and you'll need Cut to proceed. Get ready to team up with Dawn for a battle and then approach her to trigger another cutscene.

After the battle there will be some more dialogue. Enter the cottage and Dawn will warp to Sinnoh while you're tasked with a trip to Hoenn. Before that, you'll get a first glimpse of the bad guys, what's become of Silver, and the first distinctly unfamiliar face (i.e., original character) in the game.

At this point you have full access to the teleporter as well as the Fusion machine. As Bill noted you will need to have seen a Fusion before you can fuse your own "copy." You will have also received some Poke Balls from Dawn so you'll also be able to capture wild Fusions when you warp to the island. Also you can now backtrack to Johto if you wish and have Lyra or Ethan teach your starter to follow you. This can be done at any point in the game.

Hoenn Pt 1: The Unity BadgeEdit

If you're prepared to move forward with your Hoenn quest, visit the easternmost house in Mauville City and get the TM for Flash. You'll need it soon. Go into the Pokemon Center and you'll meet Lanette. There isn't much else to do in Mauville City just yet, so go west to Verdanturf Town. All the trainers along the way are optional so it's up to you if you want to battle them.

In Verdanturf Town, enter Wanda's house (the middle one with the sign) and you'll find Wally is living there once again. He's in a confrontation with Looker. After it ends go back inside and talk to Wally to get the Bike Voucher which you will need to continue. Read the book next to Wally to register the Fusion Raylix in your dex. If you want to fuse Raylix you'll need to migrate Rayquaza from Fusion Generation. Keep in mind that one comes at level 80, and won't obey you in Fusion Generation II until you get all eight badges.

Grab the TM for Dazzling Gleam, the only Fairy type TM in the game, on the west side of town before you leave. Then go back to Mauville City and enter the bike shop. Rydel won't accept your voucher, but he takes pity on you and gives you an Econo Bike anyway. Now you can head south toward Slateport City to meet up with Looker.

Cycling Road is your only path to Slateport, and a toll is required to enter.

Upon arriving in Slateport City there will be another Looker scene. He hatches a plan to find out if the Gym Leaders are involved in the return of Fusions. You're going to go beat them up! The gym is a multi-type Gym. Be prepared to face Dark, Fire, Ground, and powerful Water type attacks. When you're ready, enter the first Gym.

Talk to the Gym guide and he'll give you a Fresh Water. The first two trainers have one ordinary Pokemon each, Carvanha and Houndour respectively. They shouldn't give you much trouble.

The Gym Leaders, Maxie and Archie, each have a Fusion at level 10. Maxie has Poomel, a fusion of Poochyena and pre-evolution of Mighterupt who you might remember from the first game. Totovee, Krabby, or Wingull should be able to handle it. Chikovee better watch out. Archie has Wailmena, a fusion of Wailmer and Poochyena which evolves into Mightylord. It's equipped with Scald, so Cyndavee will not last long. Plusle, Minun, or Electrike will take care of Wailmena.

When you defeat them you'll receive the Unity Badge and their TM, Scald. Looker will enter for another interrogation. The man outside will give you a Coin Case. When you're done in Slateport, take your bike back to Mauville City.

Enter the Game Corner. The guy you're looking for shouldn't be too hard to find, the one in blue straight ahead. Follow him back to the cottage. This scene concludes your mission in Hoenn. You'll get a call from Dawn telling you to meet her in Canalave City, so it's time to warp to the Sinnoh region.

Sinnoh Pt 1: Canalave City LibraryEdit

The cottage will teleport you to Route 218 just outside Canalave City. The fisherman right in front will give you the Old Rod. On the island it can be used to catch Baskarp.

Walking onto the bridge in Canalave City you'll be reunited with Dawn. She'll offer to battle you which is entirely optional. You won't black out if you lose but you will lose money. This is true for all rival battles but the final one (but this is the only one you can opt out of altogether). Afterwards she'll invite you to the library. Follow her to the top floor where Rowan and Lucas are waiting for you. They reveal a startling secret of the island. You and Dawn leave right away, and you'll see that you've been followed. Prepare for your second battle with them (Dawn will help again) and return to Route 218.

They have the same team as last time, a little bit stronger. After the battle is won and you're ready to go back to the island, follow Dawn to the cottage. Make sure you bring plenty of Balls and healing items. She will give your HM01 Cut so you can explore the Forbidden Jungle now. I mean it's still forbidden presumably, but now physically possible.

Splicen Island Pt 2: Unexpected DiscoveriesEdit

Dawn will go straight to Bill's tent who isn't there. Go on to the jungle without her. You'll find Bill who appears to be fine. When he departs, use Cut to continue around the ledge and go north. Follow the winding path. You'll encounter what appears to be an item, but is actually a rare fusion of Foongus and Murkrow, Foongrow. This is your only chance to catch a wild one. Keep following the winding path. You'll get to a wall of trees with a narrow passage that you'll need Cut to clear. You're almost to the end, but an odd looking tree blocks your path. This is another one of a kind Fusion in disguise called Mimesly. Talk to it and then capture it. You can now leave the jungle.

Dawn catches up to you and you've both stumbled upon a huge laboratory in a place called Shadow Cove which appears to have been inhabited at some point but is now overgrown with vegetation. None of it blocks your path so there's no need to Cut the trees down. When you're ready, enter the lab.

You'll team up with Dawn for this part. Use Flash to light up the place. Note the ghostly Fusions Gasorb following you around. You'll want to catch one while you're here as they will disappear after this mission. If you defeat one in battle instead of capturing it, it will blow up, which is how you're going to get into the locked rooms in each corner of the building.

Lure a Gasorb into the lower left part of the lab and stand directly in front of the door. Make Gasorb faint and then you can enter the Snowy Meadow Habitat. This area features a moss rock and an ice rock which can be swapped using the switch on the left side of the room. Evolving Chikovee here will yield Bayveon's ice form. The area is home to several Grass-Ice Fusions. On the northern wall there are some buttons you'll need to press in a particular order to turn on the lights. Each button represents a type, and each type you select needs to be super effective on the next. The buttons here from left to right are grass, bug, ground, rock. steel, ice. The combination is ice > grass > ground > steel > rock > bug > grass. Once you've activated the lights, leave the room and use flash again.

Detonate another Gasorb in front of the upper right door that leads to the Dark Swamp Habitat. This area has wild Dark-Water Fusions and evolving Totovee here will yield Dark Croveon. Head to the northern part of the room and complete another button type puzzle. The buttons represent from left to right, water, bug, psychic, fighting, rock, dark. The solution is water > rock > bug > psychic > fighting > dark. Exit the habitat.

Bring a Gasorb to the upper right door and blow it up to access the Desert Habitat. Wild Fire-Psychic Fusions reside here and evolving Cyndavee here will result in Psy Quiveon. The buttons here from left to right are fire, rock, steel, bug, flying, psychic. To solve it, push fire > steel > rock > flying > bug > psychic. Finish the puzzle, then go through the upper right passage and down the ladder. You've left the facility so Dawn will leave you at this point. Grab the TM28 Dig. If you haven't found HM02 Fly yet, let's make a quick detour to get that.

Jump down the ledge and go up the ladder at the west side of the cave. Go up the ladder under that one and then outside to find HM02 Fly. If you can teach it to someone and fly to Laboratory C. Otherwise go back inside and down the ladder, then go as far east as you can, then up and exit to the right. Cross the bridges to get back to Shadow Cove and go left a little to the lab entrance.

Go back inside to find Dawn waiting for you. There's one more habitat in the lower right corner. Explode the door, enter, and finish the puzzle. The buttons indicate electric, bug, flying, poison, psychic, and fairy. The solution is electric > flying > bug > psychic > poison > fairy. To the right of the grass in the middle of the room you'll find an Egg. You can go ahead and pick it up if you have a free space, otherwise you can come back for it after the PC is working again.

Go back to the main room and Dawn comments that the lights are still not on there. You can now access the Quarantine Lab to the north, though. Make your way there and once inside Dawn will approach the window. Save your game and then talk to her.

You've found the source of the vegetation and it's not happy. The notes in the previous room give some insight into Tangelonix's history. It's basically an experiment gone wrong that had to be quarantined. This is the only wild one and it won't reappear if you fail to catch this one. No pressure. It's a grass/rock type Fusion. Fire and ice types should watch out for its Rock Tomb. Once you've captured it the trees will wither away and the lights will come back on. Exit the room.

Don't talk to Dawn just yet. You will most likely want to use the healing machine near the entrance first, because it's time to prepare for another battle. You didn't think Tangelonix was the boss for this area did you? The PC is functional too now and don't worry, the Gasorb have cleared out.

Save your game and talk to Dawn who makes a startling discovery. You're interrupted by someone you might recognize. You've made the bad guys very angry with your meddling, and he's here to give you a warning. His team consists of four level 14 Fusions: Carveel (water/dark), Slomaka (fire/psychic), Ferroshell (grass/steel), and Mariblitz (fairy/electric). It's a pretty balanced team of Fusions found in the various habitats. Good thing type matchups should be fresh in your mind from doing those puzzles. You'll need to remember them here!

While you battled N, Dawn was able to retrieve the now fused stolen Pokemon. After N and then Dawn leave, you can heal, exit the lab, and fly back to the beach.

Go into Bill's tent. When the scene is over, most of the stolen Fusions have been returned to their homes which means you'll be encountering many more going forward. Go to the cottage and you'll warp to Sinnoh and a cutscene will reveal the rest of the bad guys' identities.

Now both the Canalave City Gym and the Mauville City Gym are open again, so it's time to revisit these areas. Doing the Canalave Gym first is recommended. After that you can either finish taking care of business in Sinnoh or grab another badge from Wattson in Hoenn.

Sinnoh Pt 2: The Mine BadgeEdit

Make your way to Canalave City and approach the bridge. The Gym Leader Roark will invite you to his reopened Gym. It features mostly Rock types with some Steel types mixed in. Croveon should do well here. Take the elevators to the top fighting the Trainers along the way until you get to Roark.

Roark's first Fusion is a rock/steel type fusion of Geodude and Bronzor called Brodude. It has Levitate so Dig won't be of any use. Stick to fighting and water attacks. His other Fusion is Parados, a grass/rock fusion of Paras and Rampardos. You can't rely on water types for this one. Its attacks are dangerous so take it down quickly with fighting or ice moves. Defeat Roark and get the Mine Badge and Stealth Rock.

Take the lift to your right and around to the elevator to the bottom. Leave the Gym and Bebe will be waiting for you. An odd pair calling themselves Judge Jimmy and Bessie will be there too. When you're able, follow Bebe over to the bridge.

There's more dialogue and then Bebe leaves for Jubilife City after giving you HM03 Surf, which means you can follow her. Teach someone Surf and take Route 218 east to Jubilife.

Sinnoh Pt 3: A New Threat EmergesEdit

If you feel like you need some training you can go fight the trainers to the east. The northern and southern routes are inaccessible. Enter the Jubilife TV building, now called WTGR. Talk to Bebe and you'll be introduced to the owner.

Talk to the Grunt and when he asks if you're going to leave, tell him no. Defeat him in a battle to get upstairs. The grunts in this building use mostly poison type Fusions. Psychic and ground moves are your friends.

Make your way to the top floor. There will be a healing machine on the way. Once there pick up TM26 Thunderbolt and go into the southern room. The scientist will battle you with her Gitto. It shouldn't be hard at all - Bayveon, Croveon, or Quiveon's bite should take care of it in one hit.

Grab the studio key on the table. Go back downstairs healing along the way and use it to unlock the studio door. Save your game and talk to Giovanni.

As you might expect he uses mostly ground type Fusions. Bayveon and Croveon can handle most of them, but their dark and ice forms respectively should steer clear of his fighting type Permape.

Finish him off and a cutscene will play. When it's all over leave the TV station. If you haven't already gotten the Dynamo Badge it's time to return to Mauville City.

Hoenn Pt 2: The Dynamo BadgeEdit

Make sure you're healed and go into the Gym. You'll have to step on each switch on the floor to clear the path to Wattson. Of course all these trainers use electric Fusions. Hopefully you picked up Dig from Drillett Caverns as it will dispose of most of them quite easily.

Wattson himself has two water/electric types, Finneorb and Magnekrabb, so ground types will not cut it. Bayveon with Dig is a safe choice. He also has Manectales, a fire/electric Fusion. Dig will take care of it, just use something that can survive both its volt switch and ember because it is fast.

With another Gym cleared you'll get the Dynamo Badge and Volt Switch. If you haven't finished up both Sinnoh missions, do that now. Otherwise it's time to head back to the island.

Once you have received the Mine Badge and the Dynamo Badge and defeated Giovanni, you can proceed to the island. Entering Sea Cottage, Dawn will give you a call. She'll let you know that she's tied up with League business and you're on your own this time.

Splicen Island Pt 3: Going It AloneEdit

Go to Bill's tent. Uh oh, he's gone again. This time there's an HM for Dive in his place. Pick it up and fly to Shadow Cove (Laboratory C). Walk down to the dock and someone will be waiting there. Talk to her and she'll give you a speech about love and the beauty of Fusion. After she walks away surf south to the deep water and dive to the bottom of Shadow Cove.

Follow the path until you see light, then surface to trigger a cutscene. Looks like you're in trouble. You're in the northwestern corner of Laboratory D. The other corners have three more rooms you'll have to visit in order to advance. The southwestern room has a nurse who will heal you after you defeat her Chanseychu. The northeastern room has TM13 Ice Beam.

After you've been to each room, you can head for the center of the lab. Take the elevator up and save. Step forward and the Shadow Triad will appear. Time for a boss fight. It will be a single battle even though all three are participating. First up is Absithe, a fire/dark Fusion. They also have Shelmunna, a psychic/bug Fusion, Shupetil, a ghost/grass type, and three Riolard.

When you defeat them they will let you go and call off the demolition. They note that you can fly from where you are, so there's no need to take the sea route back. Return to Bill's tent. He's back so report to him what you found and then go back to Sinnoh once again to catch up with Dawn.

Sinnoh Pt 4: Catching Up with DawnEdit

Fly to Jubilife and prepare for battle. Go to the TV station and talk to Dawn to start a battle. She has evolved her Stidgey into Stidgeotto. Ice Beam or Thunderbolt should make short work of it. She will also have captured a Pansno, Panpink, or Pansita (presumably from Laboratory C) depending on your starters. She's also evolved her starter Fusion.

When the battle is over, a scene will reveal your next mission. It's time to warp to Unova.

Unova Pt 1: Scandal in Opelucid CityEdit

Fly to Sea Cottage and go in where Dawn will join you again.

Head west defeating any trainers that get in your way. Most of these guys have water and flying Fusions, so an electric type will come in handy.

Once you've made your way to Opelucid City go to Drayden's House in the middle. Go upstairs and a scene will play, culminating in the reappearance of a familiar face.

Head southwest from Drayden's and talk to Dawn. Follow her to Shopping Mall Nine. Pick up some supplies if you need them, then return to Opelucid City. Approach the fountain to make a horrifying discovery.

You'll wind up back at Drayden's. After another encounter with Looker, leave and start talking to NPCs until Dawn shows up next to the Poke Center. Talk to her and you'll end up in a battle with N.

N has no Fusions this time. Finish him off and then as discussed with Dawn, warp back to Sinnoh.

Sinnoh Pt. 5: The Forest BadgeEdit

Fly to Jubilife City and go north. The path is clear now. Keep going north until you reach Floaroma Town. Heal up and if you'd like you can buy some honey. Use it on the island and you can find rare Fusions.

When you're ready, continue east toward your destination. Cross the bridge to the north and eventually another bridge, and continue north until you get to Eterna Forest. You can go through the forest if you wish, or just go around and continue to Eterna City. The first fisherman you see on the way there will give you the Good Rod.

Once in Eterna City, go to the Bike Shop. This one will accept your voucher you got from Wally in an exchange for an upgrade to a Mach Bike. You'll need this before your next visit to the island.

Head toward the Galactic Eterna Building. Gardenia will introduce herself and go to her Gym so you'll be able to battle her now. Go to the Eterna Gym to the south.

Like the Gym guide says, flying types will handle these trainers well. Foongrow will have an advantage here.

Gardenia will lead with Bearade. It's part ice, so let a fire type handle this one, definitely not a flying type. Mongrol is part water, so switch back to your flying type. Her last Fusion is Cherrivoir and it's pretty tough. It will probably use Sunny Day to trigger its transformation which is your chance to kill it with fire.

When you beat Gardenia you'll get the Forest Badge and Grass Knot. She'll give you a very useful hint that Grass Knot is highly effective against Fusions.

Leave and go all the way to the east side of town. Surf across the pond to find Rock Smash. Due to a bug you might have a hard time picking it up if you have your starter following you. All you need to do is walk one step to the right and then walk back to the left so it's not in the way and then pick up the item.

Teach Rock Smash to somebody and break the rocks in front of the Galactic Eterna Building. Before you step inside, look behind the tree in the upper corner to the left of the building. Someone's stashed a key here.

Once inside make your way to the top floor. You'll know the correct path because there will be trainers in the way, but you'll want to check every route and every room as there will be some important items such as TM06 Toxic.

The biggest challenge on your way there will be a grunt with a Croaking. It's powerful, but nothing a psychic move won't OHKO. You'll also fight a Crotank, which is a tough poison/dark Fusion. Try using Dig on it. They aren't immune to ground attacks even though they have wings.

HM07 Cold Feet is on the top floor. Make sure you get that. Then take the other staircase to the top and fight the trainers. Save after them, and walk to the right. It's time to battle Team Rocket again, this time on your own.

They don't have Fusions still, but they're significantly stronger. Have a psychic type handy and they shouldn't be too much trouble.

After the battle use the command room key on the shutter door and get ready for a huge surprise. After this cutscene, head back to Unova to share your shocking discovery.

Unova Pt 2: The Legend BadgeEdit

Talk to Dawn just west of the gate to Route 218. She'll drop another bombshell and you'll drop your own on her. She tells you to go to Drayden's gym to break the news.

Unfortunately Drayden misunderstands why you've come and wants to battle you instead, so it's time to get the Legend Badge. First up is Pigaxe, a dragon/fire Fusion. Ice types won't help here. Instead exploit its weaknesses as a fire type, rock and ground. His second Fusion is Kecligon, a Fusion of Kecleon and Druddigon that starts with dragon/normal typing but possesses a variant of Color Change that changes its secondary type. You can use a similar strategy as you would use against Color Change Kecleon. If you can, get a grass type hit in to impose a compound ice weakness, then finish with an Ice Beam. Ice Bayveon, Glamega, Simisnow, or Ferroshell should be able to pull this off. Finally comes Pigaxe's evolved form Fragnite. Get your grass/ice type out of there and refer back to the strategy for Pigaxe.

Drayden will give you your fifth badge plus Dragon Tail when you beat him. Dawn, apparently realizing her mistake of sending a silent protagonist to deliver important news, shows up and tells Drayden herself. They share some dialogue and then it's time to go back to the island.

Splicen Island Pt 3: Fusion of LegendsEdit

Before you go any further, make sure you have gotten the Mach Bike, Rock Smash, and Cold Feet from Eterna City. You will need all of them to get to the next lab.

Fly to Laboratory C. Go inside and to the Desert Habitat in the northeast corner. Go down the ladder to Drillett Caverns. Approach the magma just left of the ledge and use Cold Feet. Walk up and to the right. Use the technique to walk across the magma pools all the way to northwestern corner of the cave. When you reach the ladder go up to the next level.

You'll encounter a man calling himself Dr. Kaseki. He tells you that he works in Laboratory D and can revive fossils. You can find them in this room, then take them to him to revive Fusions like Parados. When he leaves break the rocks and continue. Make your way to the northwest following the path of the breakable rocks.

Go up the ladder and in the next room exit to the south. Head east until Dawn and Bill show up. When they're gone find the mudslide all the way to the right. Use your Mach Bike to traverse it and follow the ridge going up the mudslides trying not to lose momentum. At the top you'll come to a large Boulder next to a smashable one. Smash it and the Boulder will fall. Go down the ladder to enter Laboratory B.

After the scene heal if you need to using the machine on the right. Go around the corner and up to the next room. You'll find a bunch of captive Fusions. To the right of Minusle's cage the floor is green. This is the entrance to a hidden passage you can use to access the cages. Go into each cage, smash the rocks in the way, and talk to each Fusion. Not to worry, they won't battle you at this time. They just want to be freed so they will follow you. Lead them one at a time into the previous room. In Hauntrode's cage grab the TM35 Flamethrower.

Note that when a Fusion goes with you it will be registered in your dex. Also after you rescue Dittomime you can find it and capture it in Drillett Caverns. The rest will show up again later.

With all the Fusions released go back into their room and go forward. A scientist will yell at you and rush to the northern wall. Follow him and he will reveal a secret staircase. Chase him downstairs. Talk to him and he will battle you. A water type will dispose of his Ponybone easily.

Heal after this battle if you took damage, before you interact with the computer. Then use it to deactivate the temporal stasis containing Dialabi. Prepare for a boss fight and return to the very first room.

Giovanni's team will be mostly the same as before, only stronger. He's evolved Drillett into Drilltrio which adds steel typing, and Nidopinch into Flyking (poison/dragon). He also has a Lapraqueen (poison/ice). His new team favors earthquake - Typhlareon and Esplosion beware.

After the first battle he will bring out Hogia again and this time you really have to battle it. It's fire/psychic and does have levitate. Water, rock, dark, and ghost attacks will be super effective.

When he's taken care of, leave the laboratory and enjoy the scene. You'll wind up back at Bill's tent.

Kanto Pt 1: You Shall Not PassEdit

Heal, save, and go to Sea Cottage. You will be taken to its proper home at Kanto Route 25 after more cutscene.

Here you will be ambushed by Team Galactic Rocket. Battle the grunt and her Mugly. It's a pretty tough poison type Fusion. Afterwards the arrival of more grunts will cut your first Kanto mission short.

Unova Pt 3: The Hive BadgeEdit

Now in the Unova region, fly to Route 9 and go all the way to the west. When you're ready for a battle, tell Dawn you're ready to go to Castelia City. On the way there she will battle you again. She has a fully evolved Stidgeot and Simisnow/Similamar/Simirita now as well as Venofable, a poison/fairy Fusion.

After the battle you'll arrive in Castelia City. Dawn will point out a gym straight ahead so let's go challenge the Castelia Gym.

The first room is an art gallery, but some of the paintings are really trainers who will jump out and battle you. They specialize in Bug type Fusions Amoongrow, Stidgeot, Tangelonix, Mr. Woodo, Typhlareon, or Esplosion should take care of them.

Make your way to the second floor, a puzzle. Stepping on the tiles on the right will switch You have to make the right side look like the mirror image of the left. Once you do you'll hear a sound indicating the door is unlocked and you'll be able to proceed to the next floor.

Here you'll see a room full of Burgh paintings where the real Burgh is hiding. He's on the bottom row second from the left. Talk to him and he will go to the top floor. Follow him and talk to him to start the gym leader battle.

First he has a Swadpod. You've probably fought at least one of these before and it shouldn't be hard to deal with at all. His Lilipede is not technically a bug, but rock/poison. That means ground attacks are the way to go. His third Fusion is Lobble, a bug/grass Fusion like Swadpod. A fire attack is a good idea, just watch out for its rock slide and bubblebeam. His final Fusion is Leafree, a bug/grass type with levitate. Fire types like Typhlareon or Esplosion will make it a piece of cake.

With Burgh defeated you'll get the Hive Badge and Struggle Bug. Use the "painting" below Burgh to get back to the bottom floor and exit. Now back to business.

On the east side of the city you'll find Amanita. Talk to her and then follow Dawn and Silver back to the ferry. When you're ready for another battle, tell Dawn you're ready to go.

Back at Route 9 you'll be met by Team Rocket who have finally gotten their hands on some Fusions. You'll team up with Silver and you'll have to choose one Pokemon to use. Esplosion or Typhlareon are highly recommended, but definitely not a water, grass, or fairy type. James has fused his Weezing and Victreebel into Treezing. It retains Victreebel's type combination and Weezing's levitate. You should try to take it out first as soon as possible as it poses a threat to Silver's Weatail and you could find yourself facing both their Fusions on your own very quickly. Jessie's Arbuffet is poison/psychic and it can use Arbok's poison attacks but can also counter moves so use the same caution you would against Wobbuffet. Unfortunately Toxic isn't an option.

If you lose you can find Jessie and James on Route 11 and rematch them on your own, but it will cut you a break and let you use your entire team this time.

If you win, fly to Route 11.

Get ready for yet another battle. Enter Sea Cottage. After some dialogue, the E-Team will battle you. Swaggy, who has been affectionately dubbed Becky, is a fighting/flying type that also uses Psychic moves. Clayzong is psychic/steel. You might have encountered its preevolved form Brontoy before. Your partner Dawn will use the same team she had on the ferry. Her Stidgeot can probably handle Becky so go after Clayzong and hope the AI cooperates. This should be a pretty easy win.

Sinnoh Pt 6: Going PublicEdit

It's time for a quick trip to Sinnoh to advance the plot now. Dawn will warp you there. Leave the house and fly to Jubilife City. Find Bebe in the studio of the TV station and a cutscene will play. Leave the building for another. When all of that's done you can go back to the cottage for your next visit to the island.

Splicen Island Pt 4: Bill's RevelationEdit

When you leave the house to the beach, Bill will immediately take the others to the tent. Follow them inside and a passage has opened up behind the tent. Okay that's weird. Follow the others into the hidden passage. Follow the path and don't miss the Big Nugget. There's an entrance to a room called the Aura Chamber about halfway through the passage. Go in and collect Earthquake and a hidden Max Ether if you'd like. Otherwise this room is empty for now. Then back in the hidden passage continue to the northeast until you reach the exit. Cross the bridge to find Laboratory A. After a series of plot twisty cutscenes, you'll be able to go inside or if you want you can explore the coast a bit. The Laffalant you freed can be found and captured if you surf to the east.

Inside the lab you'll team up with Silver. Together you'll face a new (sort of) team of bad guys. They like to use Scragloin and evolved form Scrapard (dark/fighting), Skorupdile and Krokon (poison/ground), Ratrat and Ratchog (normal), and Boldodor (rock/poison). There is a button panel all the way to the upper left of the first floor and each button corresponds to a room. You have to find the correct species for each room, where they'll be displayed on TVs and computer screens. Go to every room and figure out the combination, and definitely don't miss the Master Ball sitting in one of the rooms.

When you've got the combination enter it into the panel. If you're playing on a touch screen you can actually push the buttons by double tapping them, otherwise click them to change the species. When you hear the success sound, go through the elevator. Get ready for an epic battle and go to the bottom right corner of the second floor. A cutscene will unfold. Here comes the big twist.

Your foe has seven forms (the same ones from the buttons). Usually every other turn will be used to transform. That means if you're going to switch out you'll need to predict her transformations. The sequence is Ditto form (normal), Scyther form (normal/bug), Braviary form (normal/flying), Magmortar form (normal/fire), Alakazam form (normal/psychic), and the final two are near perfect copies of Reshiram and Zekrom which you and Silver have met before, so you might want to defeat her before she can get to those! Her transformations are not randomized - they will always follow this pattern. Her ability will always be limber so paralysis is not an option. Toxic might be a better strategy anyway. Unlike Ditto though, her stats vary with her transformations.

Her Ditto form has Gunk Shot (ew) but can't do a lot of damage with low attack stats. Scyther form can do a lot more damage with Slash. Braviary form packs the biggest physical punch of them all and its defenses aren't terrible, but a thunderbolt or ice beam should do a fair amount of damage. Magmortar form has massive special attack but low defense so hit it with a rock slide. Alakazam form is similar in stats. It's another chance to hit with a strong physical attack, but it's speedy and has recover. Next comes the Reshiram then Zekrom forms where she transforms completely. If you still haven't beaten her use these turns to protect, heal, stat boost, inflict status effects, and try to endure Fusion Flare and Fusion Bolt until she turns back into "Ditto."

When she's finally finished, you'll be invited to the top of Mt. Helix for a final showdown. But first with Giovanni and Team Galactic Rocket gone for good, you can return to Kanto. Fly to Sea Cottage and warp there.

Kanto Pt 2: The Moon BadgeEdit

You can either take the shortcut to the south to Cerulean City or the long way around and across Nugget Bridge and face some trainers. There's not a lot to do in Cerulean City but if you talk to the owner of the Bike Shop and other NPCs they'll tell you some weird things are happening. All the Clefairy have disappeared along with all the bicycles. Head west toward Mt. Moon. There will be Fusion Trainers along the way. You'll want to be in perfect health before you get to Mt. Moon so heal if you battle them. Enter the cave and take the ladder to get to Mt. Moon Square. In the southwestern part of the map you'll be greeted by some familiar faces. They'll challenge you to a battle, so agree when you're ready.

Brock will lead with Chonix. It's pretty cute but not the best combination in terms of stats. Like Onix it won't be able to do much damage and it won't survive a Surf or Scald. Misty's Starus is a much bigger threat. Its ability Perfect Match boosts its base Special Attack up to 170 -- higher than Mewtwo's! It's also very fast but it's defenses are somewhat lacking, so if you can get in a Thunderbolt with Hauntrode first you're set. Brock also has Drifstar, a rock/ghost type. Its dark pulse and shadow ball can do a lot, but it's slow and frail so don't let it get the chance. Misty finishes with Sunquag. It's water and grass, a combo that doesn't leave a lot of options for super effective hits. Luckily it doesn't have any ice attacks, leaving it vulnerable to Amoongrow.

Defeat them and they will give you a Bike Part. You'll need to find five more of these to upgrade your Bicycle again. You have to do this before you can do the final gym or the final chapter of Splicen Island.

Exit through Mt. Moon's western side to Route 3. Just before you get to Pewter City, go down to where the meteorites are. You'll find the second Bike Part. Proceed to Pewter City.

Go behind the west side of the museum and follow the trees to find HM04 Strength tucked away. The third Bike Part is to the east of the museum. Next head south to Route 2. The third Bicycle Part is found in the upper right corner of the route. Next, make your way to the southern entrance of Viridian Forest either by going around it and up or if you wish go through it. The fourth Bicycle Part is just east of the entrance inside the forest. You can then leave the forest. Head south to Viridian City.

Enter Viridian City Gym. The trainers here all use Ghost Fusions. Make your way to the Gym Leader.

She starts with Marshaunt which shouldn't be too tough, then Mismagibok like she had in Fusion Generation. Haunzor is a ghost/steel type and it doesn't have levitate leaving it with plenty of weaknesses to exploit. Swampgar is her final Fusion. It has hypnosis to put your team to sleep plus earthquake, surf, and of course Shadow Ball. Yikes. It has Levitate like Marshaunt. Choose your best dark moves to deal the most damage. Umbrigatr will handle this battle well. All other starters may have trouble and Esplosion will be useless this time.

Defeating Agatha will get you the Moon Badge and Shadow Ball. Go back outside. Now that you can use Strength outside of battle move the boulder to the southwest and collect the last Bike Part. Fly back to Cerulean City.

Enter the Bike Shop and turn in all the Bike Parts to collect the final bicycle upgrade: the Macro Bike. Now with enough momentum, you can ride up ledges. Now it's time to go home to Johto to get the last gym badge.

Johto Pt 2: Final BadgeEdit

From Cherrygrove City head east and then north. You're going to cycle up the mountain. Just before the southern entrance to Dark Cave make sure you pick up Brick Break. You will need it. Then just keep following the path until you eventually arrive in Blackthorn City. You'll see Hogia fly overhead.

Time for the final gym. On the first floor, you'll find ladders that you will need to climb up to the second floor so you can push boulders through holes in the floor. You will also need to use Cold Feet to cross a pool of lava. With all the boulders in place you can reach the gym leader...and that's not Clair!

The gym leader has a balanced team and doesn't specialize in any type but all of her Fusions have the move Substitute in common. First she'll send out Xatursa, a psychic/flying type. Treat it pretty much like you would a Xatu as its typing is the same. It does have rest and snore. Aside from that psychic is its only damaging move, so dark types like Umbrigatr or Similamar are good choices. Tyleef has a Sunny Day/Solar Beam moveset to take advantage of its typing, so be careful what type you send out. Jigglybell is grass/fairy and it has sing to put you to sleep then sub and giga drain to recover HP. Try not to let it set this up. Pilochan is a pretty wild looking fighting/ice Fusion. It's got some powerful moves including Earthquake. Grass, fire, dark, and flying types should stay away. Finally, she has her own Umbrigatr. If you have Meganeon, Glamega, or Minusle defeating it won't be too difficult.

Kris will award you the Crystal Badge and Substitute. Now you have all eight! Leaving the gym you'll get a call from your neighbor letting you know Hogia is in New Bark Town. Fly there and catch it if you'd like.

Now before you can take the league challenge, we've got unfinished business on Splicen Island. Stock up on supplies and warp to the island.

Splicen Island Pt 5: Final ShowdownEdit

Make sure you've got Pokemon with Strength, Brick Break, and Surf. Fly to Laboratory A. Surf east to the cave entrance. After some dialogue head inside. All the way at the bottom there's a Boulder to move. Take the route to the left and follow the path around. You'll need to use your Macro Bike to jump up the ledge. Use your dowsing machine to find a very important item here. The gracidea nectar can be used on honey trees to summon a legendary Fusion.

Cross the bridge and go inside the cave. Rock smash your way up to a ladder. Go up. The idea of this room is not to step on a tile of ice more than once. If you do you'll fall down to the previous floor. Get to the exit and you've reached the top of the mountain. Exit to Helix Peak.

Approach the lab for a cutscene. When it's over, use brick break on the barrier and enter Laboratory X. There's a healing machine and PC in the upper left corner if you need them. Go upstairs and then up two more flights of stairs as your companions find opponents to face off against. When you see the E-team by themselves it's time for your battle. Approach and you'll team up with them.

Beware of Clayzong's earthquake. It will do a fair amount of damage to Ralph, just make sure it doesn't KO you. Stella has Calm Mind so don't let her set up or else she can really do some damage.

Defeat them and continue upstairs. After the dialogue follow Meowth upstairs again. Together you'll fight another pair of foes. Leroy may try to set up a sweep by howling so focus on him. Earthquake is fair game as Treezing is immune and Claudia is not. Finish them and continue upstairs. After some more dialogue go up one more floor to reach the top and get ready to enter the final room. You should be fully healed after your team battle. Put something that can handle a ghost/dragon type in first position.

After a long speech Ghetsis will battle you. First he has Cofataria. It's ghost/dragon so hit it with ice beam, shadow ball, dazzling gleam, dragon tail, etc. It has Moonblast itself so dark types look out for that. It's ability is Mummy. Solitoed is water/ground, pretty much like Seismitoad. Just KO it with a grass attack. Serpeross is pretty tough, but Typhlareon, Esplosion, or Hogia can deal with it. Lusharp is best handled with fire types. Hydraqueen is poison/dragon and its stats are formidable. Hit it with Dragon Tail, Ice Beam, or Psyshock.

Win the battle and you're in for lots more story. Finally Ghetsis will battle you again with Zekresh. It's a pure dragon type and it's at a whopping level 60. Don't count on Glamega to help as it won't survive fusion flare. Attack it with Fairy types like Strikazum instead.

After the post-victory scene make your way to the exit of the building (there's no timer or anything). When you leave Laboratory X explodes. After some scenes to wrap things up (and set up some foreshadowing) the main game part of Splicen Island is complete and you are free to challenge the Hoenn League.

Hoenn Pt 3: The Hoenn LeagueEdit

Kalos Post Game: Conference of ChampionsEdit

Kanto Post Game: SpacecationEdit

Johto Post Game: Elm's RewardEdit

Hoenn Post Game: Love BirdsEdit

Sinnoh Post Game: Eterna Forest EncounterEdit

Unova Post Game: The Legendary DragonsEdit

Splicen Island Post Game: Loads of LegendariesEdit

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