Number F021
Type Fight/Flying
Subspecies Hitmonchan + Ninjask
Abilities Speed Boost

Hitmonjask is a fusion of Hitmonchan and NInjask, and it's a Fighting/Flying-type Pokemon.


Hitmonjask is a brown insectoid Pokemon with some humanoid features. It has the body of a Ninjask, with the head, arms and boxing gloves taken from a Hitmonchan.

This Pokemon has lots of mastered punches, which can easily allude enemies who live on the ground below Hitmonjask, and never avoidable to any it encounters. Hitmonjask is a male-only species with no truly female counterpart.

Game Data

Pokédex Info

Punch Ninja Pokémon

HT 4'07"

WT 137.1 lbs

Pokédex Entry

"Its masterful punches are nearly unavoidable and it can easily allude enemies on the ground."


  • Saffron City (Beating the master in the Fighting Dojo)

Base Stats

HP 55
Attack 97
Defense 62
Special Attack 42
Special Defense 80
Speed 118


Move Level
Sky Uppercut Start
Swords Dance Start
Ice Punch Start
Fury Cutter Start

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