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Mewtrizard is a Fire/Psychic Legendary Pokémon Fusion of Mewtwo and Charizard.


Mewtrizard has a strange appearance even by Pokémon Fusion standards. It has the bulky body of a Charizard, but without wings and with Mewtwo's color scheme. Its tail and upper limbs resemble Mewtwo's, but its lower limbs are similar to a Charizard's. The head is a fusion of both Pokémon's characteristics, as the upper part of it resembles Mewtwo's but it has the fierce draconic maw of Charizard.

Role ingameEdit

Mewtrizard is owned by the Kanto Champion, Wally, who uses it against the player in the final battle of the game's main storyline. Once Wally is defeated, Mewtrizard is released and can be found lurking in the depths of the Cerulean Cave, where it can be battled and caught. At this point, Mewtrizard is level 70 and knows Dragon Rage, Fire Spin, Psychic and Psycho Cut.

Mewtrizard has a very high Speed stat and is primarily focused on offense, with a slight preference for Special Attack. Its dual Fire/Psychic typing can prove an advantage against Steel type Pokémon, who resist Psychic-type moves. However, due to the way Pokémon Fusions are created, it is presumably weaker than a regular Mewtwo in terms of base stats.