Pallet Town: Shades of your journey await!

A small town where most Kanto Pokémon trainers begin their journey. Professor Oak's Lab and Red & Blue's houses can be found here.

Route 1 is to the north, and Route 21 is to the south.


Pokémon Level Location Rate
Bulbasaur 5 Oak's Lab Only one
Charmander 5 Oak's Lab Only one
Squirtle 5 Oak's Lab Only one


After obtaining your starter Pokémon:

Rival Brendan/May (Prize Money: $500)

  • Lv 5 Bulbasaur (if you chose Squirtle) or;
  • Lv 5 Charmander (if you chose Bulbasaur) or;
  • Lv 5 Squirtle (if you chose Charmander)


Pokémon Trades for Item
Zigzagoon/Bidoof Snubbull Oran Berry

Places of InterestEdit

Red's House

  • Red's mom heals your Pokémon for free. You can also use Red's computer upstairs to store items and switch Pokémon around.
  • If you access Red's computer and go into your item storage, you can withdraw a potion.
  • Can battle Red after defeating the Elite 4.

Blue's House

  • Blue's sister, Daisy, will groom one of your Pokémon a once a day for free, to raise that Pokémon's happiness.

Oak's Lab

  • Choose your starter Pokémon here. Oak will also give you a Pokédex.
  • Your Rayquaza will be held here until you see 102 fusion Pokémon.
  • Upon leaving for the first time after getting your first Pokémon, one of Oak's Aides will give you 10 pokeballs.