Number F013
Type Water/Bug
Subspecies Politoed + Ledyba
Abilities Water Absorb, Damp

Poliba is a Water and Bug-type Pokémon Fusion. It is a fusion of Politoed and Ledyba.

The only Poliba in ''Pokémon Fusion Generation'' belongs to a Trainer in Cerulean Gym. It was created by Bill. Poliba will appear in Route 4, apparently after its original trainer decided it wasn't very cute and abandoned it.

Game DataEdit

Pokédex InfoEdit

FiveStarFrog Pokémon

HT 3'7"

WT 98.5 lbs

Pokédex EntryEdit

"It's a masterful swimmer and fighter with hypnotic abilities. It can't fly, although it tries sometimes."


Base Stats Edit

HP 65
Attack 47
Defense 52
Special Attack 65
Special Defense 90
Speed 62
Base Stat Total 381


Move Level
Hypnosis Start
Water Gun Start
Supersonic Start
Comet Punch Start

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