Ponyporeon is a Water and Fire-type Pokemon. It's a Pokemon Fusion of Ponyta and Vaporeon.

Number F052
Type Water - Fire
Subspecies Ponyta + Vaporeon
Abilities Flash Fire

Biology Edit

Ponyporeon is red, they have the shape of Vaporeon, but have a tail and blazing fire mane like Ponyta.

Game Data Edit

PokéDex Info Edit

Bubble Horse Pokemon

HT 1.0m

WT 59.0 kg

PokéDex Entry Edit

"The flame on its back are icy cold. They can't be extinguished by ordinary water."

Location Edit

Route 20 (after beating Gym Leader in Cinnabar Island)

Base Stat Edit

HP 129
Attack 78
Defense 65
Special Attack 70
Special Defense 82
Speed 77

Ability : Flash Fire

Moves Edit

Move Level
Take Down Start
Aurora Beam Start
Agility Start
Haze Start