Raicheon is an Electric-type Pokemon Fusion, and it evolves from Pikavee when exposed to a Thunder Stone. This Pokemon is a fusion of Raichu and Jolteon.


Raicheon is a quadruped Pokemon, having mammalian and rodent features. It is covered in orange-brown fur (unlike Pikavee, who has yellow fur) with a spiky fringe above its butt, and a white ruff around its neck. Its eyes are brown, and it has a mouth larger than Pikavee's. On the top of its head are medium-sized ears (brown on the outside, yellow on the inside), which ends with distictive curls.

In the gamesEdit

Pokémon Fusion Generation Edit

After the player uses a Thunder Stone on their Pikavee, which was created by Bill upon meeting him at his house, the Sea Cottage, on Route 25.

Other Raicheon Edit

Lt. Surge, the Gym Leader of Vermillion City has a Raicheon which he obtained as a Pikavee.

Events Edit

Game data Edit

Fusion Dex Species Edit

Thunder Pokemon

2'07" 0.8m 54.0 lbs. 24.5 kg

Base stats Edit

HP: 0 Attack: 0 Defense: 0

Special Attack: 0 Special Defense: 0

Speed: 3

Total: 3

Trivia Edit

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