Number F009
Type Grass
Subspecies Sunflora + Miltank
Abilities Thick Fat

Suntank is a Pokemon Fusion of Sunflora and Miltank and is a grass type. It doesn't evolve into or from any other Pokemon as of Pokémon Fusion Generation.

Biology Edit

Suntank is a green, medium-sized bipedal Pokemon, and a cross between a sunflower and a cow. It has the head and arms of a Sunflora, which is on the body of a Miltank. The black hooves, also taken from Miltank, are used as feet.

Game DataEdit

Pokédex InfoEdit

Sun Cow Pokémon

HT 3'11"

WT 185.2 lbs

Pokédex EntryEdit

"It's capable of both producing milk like a mammal and performing photosynthesis."


  • Celadon City (Defeat Erika)

Base StatsEdit

HP 85
Attack 77
Defense 80
Special Attack 72
Special Defense 77
Speed 65
Base Stat Total 456


Move Level
Stomp Start
Ingrain Start
Milk Drink Start
Giga Drain Start
Images (9)

A Raichu fighting Erika's Suntank.