This is a list of all the NPC traders in Pokémon Fusion Generation. At least one NPC trader appears in almost every location in Pokémon Fusion Generation to compensate for the inability to trade with other players and incompatibility with the official games that would otherwise prevent certain evolved Pokémon from being obtained.

Trader Location Looking for Trades
Viridian City Pichu Pachirisu
Route 1 Nidorino Shroomish
Pallet Town Snubbull Zigzagoon/Bidoof
Route 2 Voltorb Electrike/Shinx
Pidgeotto Taillow/Starly
Route 21 Tangrowth Kecleon
Pewter City Ariados Scyther (Scizor)
Route 3 Jigglypuff Happiny
Diglett's Cave Dugtrio Hippopotas/Trapinch
Route 11 Hypno Whismur
Vermilion City Espeon Leafeon
Umbreon Glaceon
Arcanine Graveler (Golem)
Vileplume Machoke (Machamp)
Ninetales Kadabra (Alakazam)
Clefable Haunter (Gengar)
Rapidash Feebas (Milotic)
Route 6 Machoke Beldum/Bronzor
Route 5 Poliwrath Seadra (Kingdra)
Cerulean City Arbok Seviper
Sandslash Zangoose
Route 24 Kadabra Ralts/Mime Jr.
Route 9 Victreebel Budew/Sunkern
Route 10 Primeape Meditite
Lavender Town Marowak Dusclops (Dusknoir)
Route 8 Persian Skitty/Glameow
Route 12 Golduck Clamperl (Huntail/Gorebyss)
Saffron City Graveler Teddiursa/Buneary
Celadon City Mismagius Gible/Bagon
Dodrio Swablu
Route 16 Venomoth Slakoth
Route 18 Muk Castform
Weezing Azurill
Fuchsia City Rhydon Aron/Onix (Steelix)
Route 19 Krabby Corphish
Cinnabar Island Gyarados Aerodactyl
Starmie Kabuto/Omanyte
Route 20 Kingler Lapras/Smoochum
New Bark Town Jynx Electabuzz (Electivire)/Magmar (Magmortar)
Route 27 Dewgong Spheal
Route 26 Kangaskhan Tyrogue/Makuhita
Indigo Plateau Dragonite Zapdos/Moltres
Goldenrod City Mantine Lickitung
Ecruteak City Furret Pikavee
Typhlosion Charvee
Feraligatr Warvee
Meganium Eeveesaur
Olivine City Stantler Slowpoke (Slowking)

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