Number F012
Type Bug/Water
Subspecies Wurmple/Wailord
Abilities Oblivious/Shield Dust

Wurmlord is a Water and Bug type Pokémon Fusion. It is a fusion of Wurmple and Wailord. It's the second Pokémon Fusion obtained in Pokémon Fusion Generation.

Misty's WurmlordEdit

The only Wurmlord in Pokémon Fusion Generation belongs to Misty . It was created by Bill and given to Misty to use in the Cerulean Gym . Upon defeating Misty, she will surrender it to the player.

Game DataEdit

Pokédex InfoEdit

Worm Whale Pokémon

HT 47'07"

WT 885.4 lbs

Pokédex EntryEdit

"At times it seems oblivious to its massive size. It accidentally rolls over smaller Pokemon."


  • Cerulean Gym (Defeat Misty)

Base Stats Edit

HP 107
Attack 67
Defense 40
Special Attack 55
Special Defense 37
Speed 40
Base Stat Total 346


Move Level
Bug Bite Start
String Shot Start
Rollout Start
Water Pulse Start
Astonish 23
Mist 32
Rest 37